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Tucson Computer Repair Company Offers Virus Removal Service

A local Tucson computer repair company is now offering computer virus removal service. This service is designed to keep computers clean and free of malware and viruses. Computer viruses are also more common today, given how many computer like devices are in every household. Geeks 2 You Computer Repair’s new virus removal service makes it easy to keep computers clean and virus free.

How Many Computers Are Infected With Viruses?

Computer viruses plague over 30% of all computers in the US, and over 16 million households have had a virus infection within the past 2 years. Trojan viruses also make up the majority of all viruses with 76% of all viruses being a trojan type. American computers are also ranked in the top 10 most infected countries in the world.

How to protect your computer from a virus?

The easiest way to protect computer's from viruses and malware is by having strong antivirus software installed. Windows 10 comes with a decent antivirus software built into it from Microsoft called Windows Defender. If a computer is kept updated with Windows updates, then Windows Defender will work well to protect the computer. There are stronger antivirus software out on the market, but they are only as good as their updates and also keeping Windows updated. Any antivirus software will need updating almost daily to stay effective, as tens of thousands of new viruses come out each and every day.

How to check if your computer has a virus?

Most antivirus software can run scans to check for viruses. Antivirus software will generally have a regular or daily scan, as well as a deep or weekly scan. It is very necessary for these scans to run daily and weekly. Timely scans will prevent computers from being infected. The sooner the antivirus software finds the virus, the more likely it is to be able to be removed from the computer. Once again, antivirus software should be updated prior to running scans so it can identify the latest viruses.

How to get rid of a computer virus?

Antivirus software should detect the virus during it’s daily or weekly scan. Once it is detected, it will usually ask to either quarantine or delete a virus that it finds. One should always try to delete the virus, and only quarantine it as a last effort. Most viruses that have freshly infected a computer in the last few days can be removed through antivirus software. After a virus has infected a computer for several days or weeks, it will become harder and harder for the antivirus software to remove. If the virus has firmly taken hold of the computer, then a computer repair service will need to be hired to fully remove the virus or malware.

Geeks 2 You Computer Repair’s virus removal service

Geeks 2 You Computer Repair is a computer repair service located in Tucson, AZ that will drive to their customer's home or business and repair their computer. The business drives all around the Tucson, AZ and surrounding areas such as Marana, Catalina Foothills, Oro Valley, Casas Adobes, Drexel Heights, Tortolita, Tanque Verde, University of Arizona area, Vail, Rita Ranch, Sahuarita and Green Valley. They offer virus removal service to clean out computers and devices to ensure there are no malware or viruses. Geeks 2 You also offers antivirus software and will harden computers to prevent viruses from re-infecting them. A computer that has been serviced by Geeks 2 You will be much less likely to fall victim to a computer virus in the future. In this day and age, it is important to have strong antivirus software, as well as a good computer repair service to hire. Geeks 2 You provides just that, and also recently won the award for Best Computer Repair in Tucson for 2018.