Clean Up & Tune Up

Written by Marc Enzor

Updated: February 17, 2023

Has your computer started slowing down? Is it not quite as fast or speedy as it used to be? Are you ready for someone to make it just like it was brand new again?

We can send a Geek to your home to clean and tune up your computer. Our computer tune up service will clean out the computer and make it as fast as it can be. We routinely make minor upgrades to make it even faster than it was when you bought it.

Our process involves the following:

  • Removing old software that is no longer used
  • Removing “Bloat” or software that shouldn’t be there
  • Clean out the Junk that actually slows down the computer
  • Remove any computer viruses
  • Defragment the computer
  • Perform any upgrades that are necessary
  • Physically clean out of the computer to reduce heat

We service Tucson & Mesa and the surrounding areas in AZ. Call us and have a new computer again!


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