Tips and Tricks for Your New Website Design

Written by Marc Enzor

Updated: August 24, 2018

Building the Perfect Site for your Business

With computer technology dominating the way of life in the U.S., and across the world, the demand for web designers is booming. But not everybody has the touch. A lot goes in to building a high quality website. It isn’t just a matter of making it look appealing. If you aren’t familiar with web design, then you may be surprised at how much work is put in to building a great site. Unless you are willing to spend hours of learning code, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and how to build good content, then your best option is probably to hire somebody who knows what they are doing. Now, the initial cost may be a bit pricey, which is why you need to be sure the person or company you hire knows what they are doing. But, even though the price may be a bit high, if it’s done right, you will earn your money back quickly.

Things to Consider

If you decide to take on the task of building a website for your business yourself, then here are some things you might want to know, if you don’t already. Besides the stuff mentioned above, you need to make sure that when you build your site that it is compatible with certain web browsers. This is called Cross Browser Compatibility. It means making your site to be able to function the way it is supposed to in whatever browsers you choose to target. This is very important, because your website might function properly on one, but on the other, it could be a jumbled mess, and you will not draw nearly as much traffic to your website as you would otherwise.

Another thing, as mentioned before, that you need to keep in mind when building a website is the SEO work. Besides Cross Browser Compatibility, this is the most important part of the building process. Search Engine Optimization consists of making content that is specific to your website, making keywords, meta descriptions, and so on. It’s taking good content and spicing it up, and make search engines recognize and rank your website. It’s the mortar that holds the building blocks of your website together. If the work is done right, then your website should be able to rank on the search engine’s first page rather quickly.

Okay, so you have the content and SEO work done. Now it’s time to consider what colors to use. But why is choosing colors important? Simple. You want to make your website appealing to the eye. You don’t want it to be too plain, or too tacky. If a website is too plain, the person looking at it may lose interest, or may not view it as being professional. The same goes for overdoing it. Are you going to talk to the salesman who is dressed like a clown, or the one who looks like they should run for president?. Of course, there is no set standard on what colors to use. That’s why you should take the time to go through the choices and find which one best suits your website’s needs.

Just Keep in Mind

These are only a few, but rather important tips for building a good website for your business. Whether or not you choose to hire a professional is your choice, and yours alone. But if you plan to get at least half of your customers from online, then you may want to consider at least consulting a professional web designer. And remember, that designer works for you, so be sure to communicate clearly and frequently about how you want your website to look, and what content goes on it. Spending a little to make a lot is the general rule of thumb for business. The same goes for building a website. Don’t make hasty decisions, and have patience.


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