Apple iMac Repair Tucson

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iMac Repair Tucson

Geeks 2 You offers Apple iMac Repair service right here in Tucson. We can send a technician to your home to repair your iMac, or you can bring it to our computer repair shop located near Oracle & River.

Geeks 2 You Computer Repair focuses on customer service and doing the absolute best Apple repair job possible. Our technicians are all certified and highly trained to repair your iMac computer. Rest assured, as we also guarantee all of our iMac repairs!

We routinely do the following iMac repairs:

iMac Screen Replacement

iMac's have large and beautiful screens, however they are easily cracked and damaged. We can replace the cracked screen with a brand new factory screen and get your iMac back to working again!

iMac Hard Drive Replacement

iMac's usually have a hard disk drive inside of them, and that is the slowest component of the iMac. It is also the least reliable component and commonly has to be replaced. We replace these with a Solid-State drive, which is 100x faster and also 10x more reliable. We are the experts at iMac hard drive replacements, your data will be 100% safe during this repair!

iMac Motherboard Repair

iMac's motherboards or logic boards tend to overheat and break down. They sometimes must be replaced when the iMac will no longer turn on. We can repair or replace the logic board and get your iMac back to working!

iMac Overheating

iMac's tend to overheat as they only have a very thin area for the fans to get fresh air from. These air ducts tend to clog up with dust and then cause the iMac computer to overheat. We can clean these ducts out, replace the dead computer fans, and then stop the overheating problem.

iMac Graphics Card

iMacs have a known graphics card issue where they commonly need to be replaced. We can repair the broken graphics card and repair your iMac!

Geeks 2 You Computer Repair – Tucson
On Oracle, North of River
5671 N. Oracle Rd #1107
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iMac Repair Reviews

They came out to fix a virus on my laptop, and then found out that my hard drive was dying. They replaced it with a solid state and now it works so much faster. Just like having a brand new computer, but less than half the price!

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Great at understanding all my issues and fixing them quickly, will call Randy when we get a new MAC. Superb!

Zak came out to look at my Mac. He recognized the problems I was having and efficiently went about the task of removing 4 viruses that were giving me some fits. I think he solved the spinning wheel of death problem I was having. Zak is around 20 so he reall…

Theresa did an amazing job quickly diagnosing and repairing my 2011 model iMac, and installing a new solid state hard drive. Zack also was incredibly professional helping to install the iMac onto a very difficult mount (thanks again for the help!)

Brad B.Tucson