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Written by Marc Enzor

Updated: February 21, 2023

Geeks 2 You Computer Repair are experts at laptop repair and we were recently awarded the Best Laptop Repair service in Tucson, AZ. We focus on repairing your laptop as quickly as possible and with the best possible computer parts. We focus on customer service and guarantee all of our work. We will do the absolute best job possible!

Laptop Trackpad Problems

Is your trackpad not working properly? If you have spilled a drink on your laptop, the trackpad is likely to stop working or work erratically. We can replace the laptop trackpad with a new part to fix the water damage.

Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Is your keyboard acting up and not typing correctly? We can replace the laptop keyboard to fix any issues. Most keyboard issues are caused by water damage, but they can act up for a number of different reasons. We will replace it with the original computer part to get it working properly again!

Cracked LCD Screen Replacement

Did your laptop get dropped, or did your child mishandle your laptop? There are a number of ways your laptop LCD screen can get cracked, and the only way to fix it is to replace your LCD screen. Our laptop repair experts can replace your LCD screen and get your laptop computer back to being fully usable again. We use original LCD screens, so there is absolutely no quality difference. You can rest assured that we will do the best job possible and you will not know your screen was ever replaced!

Laptop Charger Port

Laptop's have a part called the charger port, and that is where you hook the power cord up to. The pin in the charger port is generally very skinny and the solder joints on the motherboard are very weak. Over repeated usage and unplugging and plugging in the charger, the laptop charger port eventually wears out and breaks. We can replace this port and make your computer fully functional again. You will know the laptop charger port needs to be replaced, when the laptop will no longer let you charge it. Our laptop repair experts can fix this quickly!

Laptop Hard Drive Failure

Laptops usually have a hard disk drive in them, and this is a spinning disk. All your computer's data is stored on the hard drive, and this spinning disk can sometimes wear out due to dropping the laptop, or even just prolonged usage of the laptop. We usually replace these with solid-state drives which have absolutely no moving parts in them. The solid state drives are protected against dropping of your laptop too, and the SSD's last about 10x longer than a typical hard disk drive.

Laptop Overheating

Is your laptop running extremely hot? Does your computer tell you that it had to shutdown due to a thermal event? These are signs that your laptop's fans are no longer working. Laptop fans gather tons of dust and hair and can usually get clogged up. We can replace your dead computer fans and also clean out your laptop fans so they spin correctly again.

Give us a call or stop by our laptop repair shop in Tucson! We guarantee all of our work, and we can work with you and we provide the absolute BEST customer service possible!


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