4 Common Issues with Wireless Routers

Written by Marc Enzor

Updated: February 16, 2023

Today, wireless networks are popping up all over the place, allowing people to connect to the internet while shop, or while they eat, and even watch TV. And with the help of today’s technology, we are able to connect at faster speeds, which allow people the capability of streaming high definition movies and graphic intensive games. Having a router is a great convenience… Most of the time, that is. Like any other electronic device, it’s going to have its hiccups, but most are easy to fix.
Wireless Router Problems

4 Known Issues with Wireless Routers & How to Fix them

1. Slow Connection One of the most common problems with wireless routers is that they run on a 2.5GHz frequency. The problem with this is that so do many microwaves, cordless phones, and other electronic devices. This can cause interference in your router’s performance, and can cause your internet connection to cut in and out. This can be frustrating, especially if you are doing work.

Solution: Most wireless routers have multiple channels that they can run on. The most commonly used are 1, 6, and 11, though you can use the others. Try changing the channel your router is using, and assign your adapter a different address. This can also eliminate problems caused by a neighbor’s wireless network.

If this doesn’t fix the problems you are experiencing, then you may need to upgrade your Firmware. Don’t panic, though, this is easy to do. To check for an upgrade, just go to your router’s website. If an upgrade is available, then download it and follow the instructions.

2. Getting Locked Out When this happens, your first thought is to panic. Don’t panic! It’s not the end of the world. The most common issue that leads to this is forgetting your password, or paraphrase needed to access your router’s internal workings.

Solution Most of the router brands you can buy come with a reset button. Usually it’s a very small hole along the back that has “Reset” printed above or below it, and you usually have to use a safety pin, or something small enough to press and hold the button. Doing this will allow you access to your router, though it will reset your router to factory defaults, which means you will lose any setting you had made beforehand.

3. The Router is Constantly Running Aside from resetting your router, this is probably the easiest problem to fix. Most often, a router that runs constantly means there is a device connected to it that is using the internet. The solution is simple, and could help prevent problems of another nature. All you have to do is make sure you turn off all devices when done with them. Leaving something like a computer running not only uses up wattage, but it can leave you vulnerable to a virus attack.

4. You have a Local Connection, but no Internet Connection This is a common issue with routers, especially if you are just setting one up for the first time. This can be frustrating, and may not be as easy to fix as the other issues listed.

Solution(s) There are only 2 roads you can go with this. Either the problem lies within the router, or the modem. The first thing that you will want to try is resetting your router, and getting a new IP address. If this doesn’t work, check your settings and make sure everything is set to where it should be.

If the router checks out, then the problem must lie with your modem. Make sure the parental controls aren’t switched on. Most routers have a button to push to activate parental controls, so make sure it hasn’t been pressed. If that doesn’t do it, then go in and check the modem’s settings. If you are having difficulty, then your best option would be to call somebody who knows the solution.


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