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5 Steps for Removing a Trojan Virus

| Marc Enzor |

First, What is a Trojan Virus?

A Trojan Virus isn’t like most viruses your antivirus software catches and gets rid of. They are sneaky, and can wreak havoc on your computer, or any other device you have connected to the internet. The worst part is, you may download one and not even know it. If you haven’t guessed by now, the name Trojan Virus comes from the story of the infamous Trojan Horse. You let it in to your system, and when opened, chaos ensues. Most are designed to look like legitimate software, while others may lie in wait in a file. But have no fear. Trojan removal software is here.

5 Easy Steps for Trojan Virus Removal

If it’s a problem with a computer, it can generally be solved with software. Sure, some programs can be pricey, but if you run a business, or keep documents vital to national security, then the cost of such software isn’t an issue.
1. The first thing you will want to do before installing the Trojan removal software is to disable you System Restore function. This can easily be enabled again once you have removed the Trojan from your system. You don’t want to have to restore your system one day and end up opening that pesky Trojan again. Remember, Trojans are smart! So be smarter!
2. Once your System Restore function is disabled, you are ready to install your Trojan removal software. It may require a system restart.
3. Whether a restart is or is not necessary, you will want to reboot your computer in to safe mode. Once in Safe Mode, you are ready to run your Trojan removal software. Be sure to allow enough time for the program to perform a thorough scan so that it locates and removes all malware and spyware, as well as the Trojan itself.
4. Once the program has finished running, and you get the all clear, you will want to repeat step, but this time, by booting your computer normally and letting the Trojan removal software run once more. Doing this ensures that the Trojan Virus didn’t leave anything behind, and that the virus is gone from your system.
5. Once you get a report back from your Trojan removal software saying that you are all clear, you can finally enable your System Restore function and get back to business and pleasure.
removing a trojan virus

Some Food For Thought

In today’s world, computers basically run the way of life that we have come to know. They do everything from simple algebra to putting satellites in orbit. Two out of three households in the United States have a computer or some device connected to the internet. That’s a lot of browsing, and plenty of opportunity for malicious behavior. That is why you must ever vigilant while online. If you can afford it, buy a good antivirus software package that scans for all virus types, including Trojans. The free programs you find are decent, but don’t come with nearly all the good stuff to keep you safely up and running. Save yourself some time, aggravation, and maybe even a few dollars.

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