How Can I Tell if I Have a Computer Virus?

Written by Terry

Updated: February 17, 2023

Is your computer acting differently lately? It can be due to a computer virus. Below we discuss how to tell if you have a computer virus.

Computer viruses can cause your computer to act weird and different than it usually does. There are instances where the changes are just minimal. It's hardly noticeable. But in extreme cases, a computer virus could delete your files and make some of your files unusable. It's easy to tell your computer is infected by a computer virus in these extreme cases.

Your computer has a virus if you experience any or a combination of the following:

Slow Computer

In most cases, if you suddenly have a slow computer, it could be due to a virus. There are instances where your computer slows down when you use big applications like video-editing programs, manipulating databases, or graphically demanding games. But if it's not the case, a virus might consume your computer resources resulting in a slow computer.

Another possible reason your computer slows down is that someone might be using your computer resources. Hackers can use a virus to do their activities on your computer without your knowledge. And these activities consume your resources leading to a slow computer even if only using your usual applications like MS office applications.

Missing or Corrupted Files

Your computer applications could suddenly freeze and crash if missing and corrupted files exist. If you have applications running smoothly before suddenly becoming troublesome, it could be due to a computer virus. While using the application, you suddenly see a pop-up window with an error message related to a missing file.

Also, watch out for files or folders which are disappearing. There are computer viruses that hide files and folders. When you realize that a specific folder you often access suddenly disappears, it is a clear sign of a computer virus in your system.

Sudden Lack of Hard Drive Space

A computer virus can multiply itself in your system, which consumes a lot of your hard drive space in time. There are instances when this happens over a long period. Still, you may run out of hard drive space for recent viruses in a couple of days or weeks. Another characteristic of a virus is that it could install unwanted programs on your computer without your knowledge. This also consumes hard drive space.

When you suddenly have a slow computer, try to check your desktop for any new icons. If there is an icon you do not know and did not install yourself, a virus may have installed it.

Unable to Install or Update your Antivirus System

When in doubt that a virus is in your computer, the first thing you do is try to install antivirus software. The problem is that some viruses prevent you from downloading an antivirus application. This virus prevents you from using and updating your currently installed antivirus.

Suppose you experience any of the signs above or a combination of them. In that case, you may have a virus on your computer. Deal with the problem as soon as possible before the virus inflicts damage on your computer and important files.

When you have exhausted your abilities, feel free to reach out to Geeks2You services. We assist people that have caught a virus to ensure their computers are clean and ready to go. Our team of experts can also work hard to recover your lost files and clean the corrupted ones. Whether you are having problems with your home computer or a business needing computer maintenance, we are here to help. We understand how these viruses work and how they get into our systems. With the knowledge and the latest technology, we can clear your system of viruses.


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