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Virus Removal: Tucson’s Geeks 2 You

| Marc Enzor |

virus removal tucsons geeks 2 you

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has been more educated on the importance of health and how to recognize sickness symptoms early. The same should be valid for your computers and potential viruses on them.

Infinite viruses are waiting to infect your computer and devices, so let us tell you about Geeks 2 You and how they can keep your technology virus-free.

Viruses – other than COVID-19

A ‘virus’ is a metaphor that refers to computer programs that (like biological viruses) enter your computers, and change other programs by replicating themselves and inserting their code into the program.

Essentially a virus damages ‘healthy’ programs in a similar way that bacteria and viruses destroy ‘healthy’ bodies. And by now, everyone is very familiar with the COVID-19 virus, so we understand how disastrous it can be if proper action isn’t taken.

Viruses can change and damage many things within a computer. A few examples of ‘symptoms’ would be:

  • Pop-ups and ads appearing all over your computer,
  • Losing access to the internet,
  • Losing control of your computer and it is used to attack other computers & websites,
  • Losing access to all data on the computer: pictures, documents, programs, etc.
  • Viruses could steal your credit cards or private information.

The worst viruses will target your private information to access your money, passwords, and important information. These types of viruses can lead to identity theft, leading to the grand theft of your funds.

Whom are you going to call?

If you own a computer, you probably installed a classic anti-virus software like Avast or McAfee and called it a day. But that’s not enough to protect your business, school work, or any private information stored on your computer.

Just as biological viruses are getting more intelligent and more challenging to heal, so are digital viruses. The best protection against viruses and malware is hiring a knowledgeable Geek who understands the current threats and how to defend against them. Geeks 2 You removes viruses from computers daily, and they stay informed on the worst and most dangerous threats your computer could contract accidentally.

Geeks 2 You can also inform and educate yourself on how to avoid getting infected in the future. Unfortunately, viruses and hackers aren’t going anywhere, so Geeks 2 You can ensure you’re better prepared and defended next time. Like hand sanitizer and masks help protect your body from COVID-19, think of Geeks 2 You’s services as a great defense and protection against viruses.

Five-star reviews

Just as you’d read the reviews for a dentist, therapist, or doctor – you should read the reviews of your repair technicians. Fortunately for Geeks 2 You, the reviews are nothing but roses and raves.

Sara said, “Got rid of my Trojan virus and figured out why I couldn’t play videos. EXCELLENT customer service, great prices, fast and efficient. Don’t hesitate to call them when you need help!” Should your computer become too slow with pop-up ads and odd access issues, do not hesitate to contact Geeks 2 You to remove viruses from your computer. When all your information and work is on your computer, it’s best to play it safe and trust a professional.

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