Malware? Spyware? Oh No!

Written by Marc Enzor

Updated: August 24, 2018

Almost anybody who uses a computer that is connected to the internet knows what malware is. But, in case you aren’t familiar with the term, it stands for Malicious Software, and it can be any application that’s used to spy on your computer, corrupt your data, and even destroy your hard drive. Your personal information can be at constant risk. No matter what kind of special package it comes in, it’s never good for business. With the online world constantly growing from day to day, it’s not a matter of if, but rather when you will become a victim of a malware attack on your computer.
Malware, Spyware? Oh No!
If you do fall victim to such an attack, or you believe that malware has been installed on your computer, the most important thing to do is not to panic. Not every malware problem requires you to do a complete system wipe. That can be time consuming, and a good way to lose important files you might have saved. If you still have access to most of your computer, save everything now, and do a complete backup. This will ensure you don’t lose anything if you do have to system restore or format the computer.

Of course, the best way to prevent a malware attack is to purchase antivirus and malware software and have it installed on to your computer by an expert. But even the best protection can let some things through. So in that case, you need to first determine whether or not your computer has been infected.

Again, the fastest and easiest way of doing this would be to run your antivirus program. But, there are also a few key signs to watch for.

Such things to look for include:

  • Your computer running slow
  • Computer Locking up
  • Your Browser doesn’t allow normal searches

Some malware programs are smart however, and can be disguised as something else so that your antivirus doesn’t pick it up until it’s too late. And if you are one of those people that think it can’t or won’t happen to you, then you need to think twice. The only time your computer is completely safe from malware is when it isn’t connected to the internet. And it isn’t just computers connected to the internet that are affected.

Any device that is online is at risk, including cell phones, and tablets. That is why it is highly recommended for new computer owners to purchase or download antivirus software as soon as possible. It is also recommended to scan your computer once a day. You can never be too safe, especially if you own or run a business.

If you do suspect malware is infecting your computer, then I hope many of these tips have prepared you for this scenario. If not, there’s usually a computer repair expert local to you. The best tips to remember is to constantly keep a backup of your most important files, never navigate to questionable websites, and install an antivirus and malware software to ensure optimal security.


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