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Windows 8

| Marc Enzor |

Windows 8 is here! If you were in the market for a new computer, hopefully you got a good deal on it. There have been lots of great deals, and there are still some left. Email/call us if you need help finding a good deal.

All new computers now are coming with Windows 8. It is a very fluid, fast, and streamlined operating system. My only problem with it is that they got rid of the Start button and menu. It is now a Start “Window” that overdoes the entire screen. I personally don’t like this change, but I’ve found a very nice and cheap solution to fix that. There are actually many different options to bring the start menu back, however there is one that I particularly like that rises above the rest. It is called Start8. It costs $5, but well worth it considering that it can be stylized a number of different ways, and just looks great. Check it out here:

It allows many ways to stylize it and change the logo for the button, as well as how it appears. On the whole, Windows 8 is a very nice operating system, and extremely responsive and fast. But not having a start button is a huge downside to me. They made it actually fairly tough to shutdown the computer. Installing Start8, fixes all that, and makes it much more friendly.

As always, if you have any trouble with your system or need help installing Start8, give us a call at 520-222-8000. We appreciate your business!

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