Your Computer Is Talking To You! Are You Listening?

Written by Marc Enzor

Updated: February 21, 2023

Brand new computers are insanely quiet and work like a dream. Older computers tend to make lots of noises, are loud, and sometimes even click. What gives?! Let’s discuss each type of noise in detail so you can learn what your computer is saying to you, and you can help a computer repair service know exactly what needs to be repaired!

Computer Clicking Noises

Mechanical SATA hard drives spin at 7200 RPM, and they work very much like a record player. When the “needle” is bent or damaged, it tends to rub on the surface of the hard disk, and will make a clicking noice. These can be very faint, however sometimes they tend to sound like a higher pitch whine with a ticking noise. If you are hearing this, the hard drive must be replaced, and FAST at that. This is a sure sign that the hard drive is failing and you will need a computer repair service. Our computer repair techs will replace your hard drive with a solid state drive that works entirely different. No more ticking, clicking, or high pitch whines!

Clunking Noise

Clunking noises could be coming from a fan inside your computer case. Sometimes wires or hair or other obstructions can get in the way of a computer fan and will tend to make lots of noises. Think of a bicycle spoke with something caught in it. Computer fans are a cheap computer repair item, so be sure to get them checked out right away! Our computer techs will easily secure the wires and keep them from falling into the computer fan again.

Jet Engine Noises

Computers and Laptops have fans to keep them cool and to stop them from overheating. When the computer gets really warm, it speeds the fans up in an attempt to cool it down. When you hear your computer or laptop start to “take off”, this is a sign that it can’t properly cool itself down. This is usually due to dust or hair inside your computer, or fans that can no longer spin freely. Our computer repair techs can open up your computer and clean out all the obstructions and replace the failing computer fans.

Computer Beeping Like Crazy

When you first turn on your computer, it should do a single beep. That is the computer running it’s BIOS testing and getting the alert that everything is running perfectly. When it starts beeping multiple times, that is actually a BIOS error code letting you know something is wrong. Sometimes the computer will still work even though it beeps, and other times your computer won't turn on. You definitely need to get this checked out by a computer repair service. Certain beep codes mean that the RAM or memory is bad and may need replacing too. Pay attention and let your computer repair tech know what is going on. They will get to the bottom of it and get your computer back to working!

Your computer is definitely talking to you, and now you know what it is saying! Any weird noises aren’t normal and should be checked out by a computer repair expert as quickly as possible. Your data is at stake, so don’t delay!


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