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6 Absolute MUST Know Tips When Buying A Refurbished Computer

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Refurbished computer by Geeks 2 You Computer Repair

Are you ready to buy a new computer system but don’t want to break the bank? It may be worth looking into purchasing a refurbished computer. They are kind of like an insider secret because you can get a great PC or Apple computer, for a heavily discounted price. A lot of people are meeting their school, work or family computer needs by buying a refurbished computer and saving a ton of money! There are some serious tips you must know about though!

Refurbished Computers Are NOT The Same As A Used Computer

Let’s get this craigslist hot deal idea out of your head. Those computers have been worked hard and mistreated. Chances are the used computer on Craigslist has been damaged or is a slow computer or the computer makes weird noises. Either way, it’s probably a few minutes away from needing a computer repair service! Refurbished computers are very different in that they have been given a whole new life by having a computer repair servicing. Refurbished means that a computer repair company fixed the broken hardware, performed an Operating System refresh or reinstall, and also upgraded the hardware to newer specifications. Some refurbished computers are just computers that the owner changed their mind on and returned it. Those ones are essentially brand new, with just the stickers taken off(and a heavily reduced price)

Refurbished Computers Are Treated Differently

Most refurbished computers come from businesses that lease computers and their IT department told them to get rid of them. Chances are they have been meticulously cared for and treated very well. During the refurbish processs they would also fix any hardware and upgrade the hard drive to a solid state drive or memory to faster specs to help it sell. On top of that, business computer systems usually have more reliable parts in them, so you are ultimately buying a better computer.

Time To Save Some Serious Money

Buying a refurbished computer, you can save a serious amount of money. The computers have been meticulously looked over, and now they are primed and ready for selling to a new owner. Just bear in mind, because the price is so heavily reduced, you will have to act fast and buy the computer right away. Good priced refurb computers never sit for long!

Did I hear a Warranty?!

Yes, refurbished computers generally come with a strong warranty to entice sales. This is your guarantee that the computer will work great and be problem free and not need a computer repair service anytime soon. Computer problems can still happen at any time, so at least there is a warranty in place to cover any thing that may come up with your new refurbished computer!

Time to Save The Planet!

Buying a refurbished computer, will keep a computer out of the landfill. It also means fewer computer parts have to be made for unnecessary computer manufacturing. Computers eat up tons of precious metals, plastics, cardboards and other raw materials. By buying a good refurbished computer, you can do your part to help save the environment! You may not notice it, but the planet will thank you(eventually!).

But What About Reliability?!

You may think that a refurbished computer may be less reliable and more likely to break. In most cases, it is actually the exact opposite. Computer manufacturers have an expected failure rate of new computers, so they already expect some computers to fail from the beginning. A refurbished computer is past that initial breaking in point and has been repaired and put into reliably working order. You can be safely assured that a broken computer won’t be happening to you!

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