The MOST Important Computer Upgrade You Should Do Right Now

Written by Marc Enzor

Updated: February 21, 2023

Is your desktop or laptop computer running slow? Are you getting frustrated with how long it takes to get things done on it? Perhaps you are getting tired of waiting on your computer. Well fear not, because there is still some life left for your computer to live! With some proper upgrades, it can be just as fast or even faster than a newer computer.

The solid-state drive (SSD) is easily the most important upgrade to be done to a computer. It will immediately bring new life to an old laptop or desktop as it is replacing the slowest component in the computer, the hard drive.

Hard Drives Or Record Players?

Hard drives work by spinning a disc and reading/writing to the disk with a magnetic head. This is very similar to a record player in that it has a moving part and literally reads the information in a linear format off the disc. Hard drives are incredibly fragile because of this. They contain a moving part that runs at around 7200 revolutions per minute, and continuously spin for many years straight. Imagine how your car tire would look if it spun for 5 years straight! On top of that, hard drive disc surfaces must be incredibly clean for it to read and write properly. A single spec of dust can ruin the drive and cause you to lose all of your information. Yikes!

There HAS to be a better way!

There is, computer engineers invented a drive called a solid-state drive or SSD. They store information in electronic chips with no moving parts. Because they don’t spin, they can read and write information at speeds of 100x faster than a typical hard drive. Also, because of the no moving parts, they tend to be insanely more reliable.

Where Has This Been?!

Solid State Drives have been around for almost 10 years, however their pricing was incredibly high. A similar SSD was around 10x the price of a hard drive at first. Over time, with mass manufacturing increasing, solid state drive pricing has come down exponentially. They are now almost identical in pricing.

Does My Computer Have One?

Chances are, no. Computer manufacturers are incredibly cheap and they don’t like the added cost when building a computer. Manufacturers like Dell, Acer, Gateway, HP or Lenovo try to make their computers for the lowest cost and sell them for the highest price to make a profit. Unfortunately this leaves you with a slow computer that is only 2 years old!

What About My Laptop?

Laptops and MacBooks are perfect for solid state drives. Laptops and MacBooks run on battery, and a solid state drive uses less battery to run than a typical hard drive. This means your computer will stay powered on longer. On top of that, SSD’s don’t get damaged by dropping your laptop like a HDD does. So if you are a bit clumsy or have children, they can throw your laptop computer around and you don’t have to worry about losing your data(your LCD screen is still likely to crack though!).

So What Should I do?

Contact a good computer repair service, like Geeks 2 You Computer Repair, and we will replace your hard drive with a Solid State drive. Chances are, if your computer is slow, that the hard drive is already dying and needs to be replaced. When we replace the hard drive, that is the absolute perfect time to switch to a SSD. If you want to pre-emptively switch to an SSD, then we can install one immediately too. You not only will have a much more reliable computer, but it will also be lightning fast!

What About The Cost?

A Solid state drive nowadays doesn’t cost much anymore. We can replace your hard drive with a solid state drive for less than half the cost of a new computer. So if you are thinking of making a new computer purchase, put your money into your current computer first and you will save money!

What About My Data?

Good question! We can clone your computer over into the new solid state drive, which means that absolutely nothing will change about your computer. All of your pictures, documents, and data will all be exactly where you left it. Even your programs and software won’t have changed! It is an incredibly painless computer repair service.

Give Geeks 2 You Computer Repair a call and let’s upgrade your laptop or desktop today. The sooner you get on a solid state drive, the less you have to wait on your computer!


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